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Customise Your View with Precision-Made Blinds
Made to Measure Blinds
If you need expert advice on made to measure blinds, then look no further than The Luxury Shutters Co. You see, we specialise in measuring and fitting made to measure blinds for properties of all types

Giving the property a classy finish by complementing your interior design with carefully tailored window dressing that fits your windows perfectly.

Give us a call now and find out how we can make all the difference to your property’s interior design with made to measure blinds from Luxury Shutters Co.

At The Luxury Shutters Co, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of blind styles to cater to your every need. Whether you desire blackout blinds for a peaceful bedroom retreat, the elegance of Venetian wooden blinds, the convenience of motorised blinds, the versatility of vertical blinds, or the simplicity of roller blinds, we have it all.

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive blind design and fitting service ensures that you can trust us to meet your expectations.

When it comes to customisation, we offer an array of possibilities. Choose from a vast range of fabrics, colours, and slat options to create blinds that harmonise perfectly with your interior and soft furnishings.

Our bespoke blinds are meticulously crafted to measure, ensuring a flawless fit that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space. With The Luxury Shutters Co, you can rest assured that your blinds will be tailored to your unique style and preferences.


Discover the Many Styles of Made to Measure Blinds

The Luxury Shutters Co takes pride in providing custom-made blinds right here in the UK. Our expertise extends beyond residential properties, as we also offer blinds for businesses and schools. If you’re interested in our made-to-measure blinds, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation. We look forward to assisting you!

The Luxury Shutter Co - Blinds
Roller Blinds
There is nothing more frustrating than a ready-made blind that doesn’t fit your window properly. With custom made roller blinds, you can avoid this issue by ensuring the blind is custom made for your home.

When it comes to choosing a fabric, you’re spoiled for choice, all of our roller blinds are customisable so that you can find a perfect match for your home. We have a range of different styles from blockout to dimout and even moisture and flame resistant roller blinds.
Vertical Blinds
Invest in vertical blinds for your home and office to create stylish window treatments that are also practical and economical. Save space, save money, and create a look you love with our wide range of vertical blinds.

Our range of vertical blinds come in a wide variety of natural tones so you can find the perfect match for your room and home décor. Whether it’s grey vertical blinds or white vertical blinds, you can be sure that they will blend seamlessly into your interior décor and look amazing when put up.
Cropped shot of woman hand pulls the adjustment string closing horizontal window blinds in tradition venetian style made from natural material. Concept of privacy and sunlight protection
Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are a versatile window covering that provides a stylish and practical way to control the light and privacy entering your home.

Our range includes real wooden Venetian blinds crafted using woods sourced from responsibly managed forests, and water-resistant faux wooden blinds which are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Both materials offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, allow natural light to enter your space and maintain privacy.
Motorised Blinds
Making everyday life easier for you is our top priority. We made it easy for you to convert your traditional roller blinds into smart electric blinds. No more getting up from the couch to adjust your blinds because they’re too bright in the morning, or they don’t give enough light at night. Save yourself the hassle and install a motorised system that takes care of it for you.
Roman Blinds
We know Roman blinds are not just window dressings; they are a statement of style. With so many different styles to choose from, you can bring your personal style into every room of your home.

When you choose to dress your windows with roman blinds, you want them to last–which is why we offer nothing but the best quality.
Vision Blinds
Vision Blinds
The sky’s the limit with Vision Blinds! They are a stylish way to control light and privacy, saving you from expensive heating bills and pesky neighbors. They can be as traditional or modern as you want them to be.

You’ll love how Vision Blinds can let in light without compromising your privacy.

Why Choose The Luxury Shutters Co?

1 Year Warranty
We offer a 1 Year Warranty on all blinds
Styles to Suit your Budget
Our team will work with you to find the right product at the right price
Go Electric
Say goodbye to the hassle of reaching for blinds in hard-to-access windows – our innovative solution makes it a breeze.
Expert Service
We take care of measuring and fitting, for a perfect fit the first time!

Motorised Blinds

Experience the ultimate convenience and sophistication

Experience the ultimate convenience and sophistication with our motorised blinds. Designed to simplify your life, these innovative window coverings offer effortless control at the touch of a button. No more struggling with cords or reaching for hard-to-reach windows – our motorised blinds provide smooth and precise operation, making it a breeze to adjust the lighting and privacy in your space.

With smart compatibility, you can integrate them seamlessly into your home automation system, allowing you to control them with voice commands or through your smartphone. Set schedules to automatically open and close your blinds, enhancing energy efficiency and security.

Our motorised blinds combine functionality with style, available in a wide range of fabrics and designs to complement any interior. Elevate your home with the convenience and elegance of motorised blinds.

We also offer a variety of customisation options, so you can create the perfect shutters for your home.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your sleep, reduce noise pollution, and regulate the temperature in your home, blackout shutters from The Luxury Shutters Company are the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about our products and service

Benefits of Motorised Blinds
  • Convenient Control: Motorised blinds offer effortless control at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for manual operation or reaching for hard-to-reach windows.
  • Enhanced Safety: With no cords or chains, motorised blinds provide a safer environment, especially for households with children or pets, reducing the risk of accidents or entanglement.
  • Energy Efficiency: Set schedules or use light sensors to automatically adjust the blinds, optimizing natural light and reducing the need for artificial lighting. This helps to regulate temperature and improve energy efficiency in your home.
  • Privacy and Security: Easily adjust the blinds to create privacy and control the amount of light entering your space. When away from home, program the blinds to open and close, giving the appearance of an occupied house and enhancing security.
  • Seamless Integration: Motorised blinds can be integrated into your smart home system, allowing you to control them with voice commands or through your smartphone. Enjoy the convenience of managing your blinds along with other smart devices in your home.
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